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Boat Shed

Smooth Sailing For Steve's Sharp Sleek 20' X 36' Boat Shed

Boat Shed Using Our Greenhouse Poly

Dear Bob,

You said "keep smiling," well, you'd better believe I am.

Your 12 mil woven poly is the best boat-shed material I've ever found! Besides under-cutting the competition by a mile in terms of price, it is stronger and longer lasting and should hold up to our Maine winters just fine. We built the shed using 1? x 3? strapping, to provide a good work space 20' x 36' for the restoration of a 1924 gaff rig sailboat, a 2-3 year project. The building has cost us under $600 including ventilation & electrical wiring, and the environment inside is perfect for working with stable temperatures & wonderful light. I'm telling other boating enthusiasts. You've got a fan club in Maine. Thanks.

Steve from Maine

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