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- woven poly -

Custom Made Tarps


12 mils (6oz.) or 24 mils (12 oz.) woven poly with grommets every 2 feet around the edges & rope reinforcement.


Available in any size, custom-made to order


Tarps can be used to cover just about anything: haystacks, boats, vehicles, patios, porches, equipment... Contact us for a free sample!

More Details...

  • High density woven poly is available in several colors.
  • Black/silver tarps have a greater longevity in the sun than clear tarps.
  • Stitched hems with a rot-proof rope in the edging for greater strength.
  • Rustproof half-inch brass grommets every 2 feet for secure tie-downs.
  • They last many years.
  • They are strong, tear resistant, water repellent and store easily
  • They are water and mildew proof, rot-proof and do not shrink.
  • They have a high tear strength, yet are lightweight for easier handling.

Barn Curtains and Animal/Wind Fences

Our Custom Made Barn Curtains and Animal or Wind Fences are made from the same poly as used in our tarps. Rod pockets are custom sewn or heat-sealed to order.


We make rod pocket curtains to the size you want. Tell us what size rod pocket you need and what type of material. The cost is similar to Tap Prices.


Barn curtains are used to section off areas of a greenhouse or barn so that there is a visual barrier or climatic barrier or as an animal barrier. Attached to a fence or frame, it can also be used as a wind barrier.

Barn Curtains can be made or opaque poly for a total visual barrier or of translucent poly where light transmission is desired. They can be used indoors or outdoors, but if exposed to wind must be well anchored on all sides.

Before Ordering: Please see our Vital Measurements chart for important ordering and measurement information.

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