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Roll of Cinchstrap featured on our Silver/Black Poly 100ft Roll of Cinchstrap


Cinchstrap is a flexible but tough and durable flat plastic lath. It has a clean white color. It is 1 1316 " wide and is made of high-density poly, exactly the same material used in our Polyfastener but thinner.

Features of Cinchstrap

How Much Cinchstrap to Order

For attaching the poly to a greenhouse, measure the distance up-over-and-down the outside of your greenhouse. Count how many times you need to do that distance, and multiply. That will tell you how many feet you'll need for studs and rafters. Then calculate and add on the length you'll need for nailing the poly to the bottom edges and to the cross bracing, also for around plastic covered doors and vents. See picture below.

Cinchstrap is nailed to the greenhouse frame Cinchstrap is nailed to the greenhouse frame