Northern Greenhouse

Northern Greenhouse

woven poly

Clear Polys

Our clear 10 mils woven poly is made especially for greenhouse use and for other uses in which high light transmission is important. Our 24 mils is strongest but is for other buildings requiring good lighting such as workshops, animal shelters, pool enclosures, etc. rather than for most greenhouses. Both thicknesses are heavy gauge triple-layered high-density poly. Both are attractive looking. And both are protected by UV stabilizer no matter which side you face outward.

10 mils "Clear" Poly

This is our BEST poly for combined strength and light. It's great for light-loving plants such as melons, tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. It is stronger than most non-woven polys, which makes it better for hail, snow, wind, etc. For over 30 years we've sold Superstrong greenhouse poly. Our 10 mils clear woven poly is our latest improvement of our Superstrong Woven Poly

14 mils "Clear" (Translucent) Poly

Much stronger than the above but less light admitted. This poly is used mostly in barns, animal enclosures and dividers, boat shelters, pool enclosures, etc. It can also be made into tarps for various uses.

Our Own A-Frame Greenhouse Using Clear Woven Poly Our Own A-Frame Greenhouse Using Clear Woven Poly
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