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Poly Mulching

Poly Mulching is increasingly practiced by professional growers and home gardeners. It often gives earlier, easier, cleaner, bigger crops due to warmer soil, reduced water loss, less compaction, less competition from weeds, and less hoeing and cultivating (which can damage crop roots by accident). It also saves time. I've laid our black woven poly onto perennial thistles and bindweeds, stopping the light and thus killing them easily and conveniently without a lot of effort. Clear woven poly, by actual tests, warms the soil way better than the colored, as it allows the sun's rays to penetrate the soil. It may, however, let some weeds survive unless you first kill off the weeds with opaque poly or else block out the light for as long as necessary by putting mulch, bark, grass clippings, or opaque poly on top of the clear until the weeds are dead.

Our woven polys (translucent, white, silver, and black) are far stronger than the cheaper, thinner, non-woven types. Our woven polys therefore better stand up to foot traffic & wheelbarrow tires, trucks, they resist tearing & cracking & keep those pesky weeds from sneaking through. They last for years.

Scrap Prices and Availability

For information about availability of scrap or damaged poly for mulching please contact us. Sometimes we have odd-sized trimmings that we can sell at a reduced price. We can even heatseam them into a bigger piece.

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