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Our Superstrong Woven Poly

Strong, durable, and resistant to heat, extreme weather and tearing, our Superstrong Woven Poly can be used for hundreds of projects in virtually any climate, even in areas with heavy wind, snow, or hail. It resists hailstones, gale-force winds, snow loading, cat and bird claws, and stones. The toughness is due to the weave, the thickness, and the UV stabilizer.

The dense weave of our poly makes resistance to both heat and cold cracking, reducing hot weather stretching/sagging in the summer, and making it resilient down to minus 100 degrees F in the wintertime. Our polys are tear-resistant thanks to the dense weave; they are very tough!

Clear sunny skies are also hard on poly. UV inhibitors in our clear poly protect it, normally enabling it to last 4 years or more on the sunny south side of a properly ventilated structure left standing year round. Our polys will last even longer in cloudy and shady areas. Our clear polys scatter and refract light, causing it to seem as though the light is coming from all directions. This reduces shadows, eliminates spots of over-intense heat, and provides more uniform light, making it ideal for growing stocky "non-leggy" plants.

Uses for Superstrong Woven Poly...

Farming And Gardening

Small & large greenhouses, cold & hot frames, pond & ditch covers and liners. I have lined wooden containers with it for outdoors water troughs. I use it to cover broken shed & barn windows. It's cheap, very fast, hail resistant, and cat proof.


Pool covers, boat covers, tent floors, light-weight tents, ground sheets, picnic windbreaks, protecting golf greens and playing surfaces.

At Home

I have used woven poly on the outside of my house for storm windows giving privacy; also as a vapor barrier in the walls. I once lined a wooden container 13ft. long with it in the basement and filled with 5 tons of earth for a waterproof basement garden.


Covering machines, salt piles, sand, gravel, earth' paint drop sheets, container liners, fertilizer & grain bags, heavy duty tarps, temporary garages & buildings, carpet rolls, heat exchangers.

Our clear woven poly is different than construction site poly. ALL of our clear woven poly contains an ultraviolet resistant stabilizer, but most woven poly on construction sites is NOT treated to resist ultraviolet light breakdown.

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